Herman Miller’s Historical poster recreates

At the start, posters were a way to communicate, share ideas, and celebrate. With a rich history in design, Herman Miller has some of the few staples that helped set the tone and cadence for  some of today’s most powerful design movements and culture. Under the direction of Steve Frykholm, Herman Miller’s Vice President of Creative Design, Calvin recreated and assisted in developing a series of decades-old show and gallery-launch posters. With this unique opportunity, classic illustration, print design and colour calibration were resurfaced and refresh to add to the current culture.

Illustration, Print design, Colour calibration

Credits: Creative Direction with Steve Frykholm, John Massey—Action Office 1969 poster, Armin Hofmann—Möbel unserer Zeit 1962 poster, Don Ervin—Eames Advertising 1961 poster, George Nelson—Laying the Foundation 1952 poster

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