Xbox One

While Xbox has long been considered one of the leading gaming platforms reaching more than 48 million users, Microsoft wanted to revamp their next-generation gaming console to reach even more.

As a member of a small, elite team, Calvin dove into the task of creating the most adventures gaming portal imaginable. His goal was to develop and implement a user experience and interactive design that left long-time Xbox fans wowed and newcomers converted. With this goal in mind, Calvin and his team members built a system that excited gamers and broadened Xbox standards for third-party partners like HBO, Netflix, Twitter and gaming developers.

Art direction, Creative direction, Concept, Standards & practices, Identity strategy, Common control creation, Interactive design, User experience mapping, Content production, Biological recognition, App creation

Credits: Avatar direction with Ramiro Torres, Super-gamer illustration with Alex Tursi, Additional component metaphors with Mike Guss

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